A team at your service

Enthusiasts dedicated to your project
To carry out our project, we provide you with the entire technical and human necessary means, made-to-measure to satisfy your needs.
Within a complete support service, from the selection of the lands to your doorstep, the Business Advisor becomes your privileged interlocutor.
Start with describing your wishes. Thanks to the architect and the design office, draw the outlines of your home and choose your surfaces, volumes, the set up. The architect then suggests you sketches, first visual representations of your wishes which will be finalized with the integrating of your chalet in its environment. He will then proceed with all the necessary administrative procedures in order to obtain the building permit.
The building can then start. Ground studies, topographic measurements, thermal studies are conducted by the design office. They will also accompany you with the choice of various materials related to external and internal services. Finally, the building is led by a Works Supervisor dedicated to your project, right up to the house key delivery.
And your dream becomes a reality.
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