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Grosset Janin is a corporate and responsible citizen conducting an ambitious environmental policy, respecting men and sites. We give health in homes a special place, putting man at the centre of all our attention. Today, we are the only constructor to offer a true support on the subject. Our goal is to build durable and healthy homes with local companies and materials.
Moreover, Grosset Janin has been chosen to illustrate in 2014 the concept of corporate social responsibility at the heart of the Franco-Italian project AlpCoRe (Competitive Responsible Alps). This project's goal is to heighten small and medium size companies' awareness of corporate social responsibility, accompany them towards the transformation of their professional practices, help them with the involvement of men and environment sustainability.
An edifying implementation of this policy: All the workshop's waste is recycled and produces energy, in particular to dry wood and heat the company's buildings

Presentation of the project AlpCoRe on CCI de Haute Savoie's web site

Georges Grosset Janin's interview (source CCI haute Savoie)
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